Services - Construction in general contracting

  • Project management
  • Technical, organisation and logistical support in construction
  • Construction site management: site inspector and technical control, logistics and construction site safety, payment and quality assurance
  • Construction, rehabilitation and renovation, interior and exterior

Effective management and further development of the project are important elements to be provided and managed effectively.

DeRom Total's specialists' experience in project management, the software tools at our disposal, as well as multidisciplinary teams matched for each area of activity allow us to respond optimally to our customers' demands.

Civil construction:

  • office buildings
  • residencial buildings

Industrial construction:

  • warehouses (metallic structure - sandwich panels, precast concrete warehouses, logistic warehouses, etc.)
  • production units (factories, farms, etc.)

Commercial construction:

  • Shopping centres

Construction design

DeRom Total offers complete services in design for civil and industrial construction.

We support customers with COMPLETE PROJECTS, all specialties involved, for all phases of design:

  • we draw up architectural and building strength projects
  • we provide technical assistence, specialised consulting
  • we provide constructive solution and execution details