Services - Import and distribution of construction matterials

Import of construction matterials

Quality of materials, closely related to their implementation at the highest standards determines the stability and success of our projects.

That is why our company imports construction materials from top suppliers from Germany, Belgium, Greece or Serbia.

Supplier Origin Materials
Salzgitter Baulemente GmbH Germany Trapezoidal sheet, metallic cassettes, facade sheet
FDT Flachdach GmbH Germany PVC membrane
Derbigum-Imperbel N.V./S.A. Belgium Premium bitumen membrane
Alujet GmbH Germany Anticondensation sheet foils, special foils
Fischerstahl GmbH Germany RAL (NCS) Steel sheet
Hovelmann & Lueg GmbH Germany Galvanized steel sheet
Eternit Flachdach GmbH Germany Exhaust vents smoke / temperature, skylights
Astroplast Schaerdel GmbH Germany Strip skylights
Fibran S.A. Greece Mineral wool
Knauf Insulation Serbia/Czech Republic Mineral wool